Jean-Michel Jarre and Air's "Close Your Eyes" Traces 40 Years of Electronic History

The music world is abuzz with excitement over the breadth of collaborations found on Jean-Michel Jarre's 19th album, Electronica 1: The Time Machine. Released today, the album features everyone from Gesaffelstein to Boys Noize to The Who's Pete Townshend.

One of the most emotional and patriotic collaborations for Jarre was with Air, his fellow French electronic impressionists. The trio worked together on the track "Close Your Eyes," and the brand new documentary vignette above details the unique process they used to put the track together.


Jarre credits Air as an act who cross boundaries of time with their particular brand of electronicism, almost, but not quite as much as he does himself! In celebration of this, "Close Your Eyes" features electronic music technology from as far back to tape decks, through analogs, plug-ins, and even an iPod. The entire story of electronic music is held within this one piece of music.

"We are passionate about electronic music," said Air's Nicolas Godin. "Working with Jean-Michel Jarre expanded our field of experimentations. This collaboration reflected both of our knowledge in the electronic world, from tape loops to moon safari vocoders."

Check the Spotify playlist below, featuring "Close Your Eyes" and all other 18 tracks from Electronica 1: The Time Machine. Keep your ears peeled for the rumored sequel!


Source: thump.vice.com

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