“When Exceptions Become the Rule, It Isn’t Fair Anymore”

26 June 2015

                     CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre Shares His Perspective on Creators Rights

President Jean-Michel Jarre’s keynote speech from CISAC’s recent General Assembly in Brussels has been reproduced as an editorial in this week’s edition of Music Week. Jarre takes a strong stance in favour of the creators’ position on fair remuneration.
Beginning with a recollection of his pioneering 1981 concerts in China, Jarre observes just how far the country has travelled in copyright protection as the two biggest players in the domestic on-line market call for stronger IP protection.
They understand that in order to develop a competitive online environment and an online market that continues to develop for the benefit of everyone, you first need to protect creators. They really get it.
As there is still a long way to go to deliver the same message in the US, Europe and in other regions around the world where copyright/authors’ rights are being challenged, Jarre calls upon all creators to make their voices heard and invites digital services to get onboard to agree “fair-trade” conditions for the creators that fuel their value streams.

“This is the fight for our future and for the future of the next generations of creators,” said Jarre

 The full article is available and is reproduced with the kind permission 
of Music Week Magazine.

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