Check out this special message from Jean-Michel Jarre + be part of the "ZOOLOOK REVISITED" album!

Get your track selected by Jean-Michel Jarre and published in the "ZOOLOOK REVISITED" ALBUM! 

The SOUNDHUNTERS project celebrates the use of sounds from our daily life to make creative music. This is also a tribute to the «Zoolook» album released in 1984 by Jean-Michel Jarre. More than 30 years later, you get the chance to participate in the «Zoolook Revisited» album alongside 4 famous electronic musicians: Daedelus, Luke Vibert, Simonne Jones and Mikael Seifu. Be among the 6 lucky chosen ones by Jean-Michel Jarre and get a publishing contract in due form!

How to participate?


Music: Simonne Jones "The Silver Chord" extract from the SOUNDHUNTERS project
Motion design: nöbl.tv extract from the SOUNDHUNTERS trailer
Images "JM Jarre interview": Mario Raulin


Source: soundhunters.arte.tv/

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