Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 7 "Water for Life"

To put the spotlight on one of the planet's crucial issues, the protection of clean drinking water, Jean Michel Jarre conceived and performed the concert "Water for Life" as part of UNESCO's campaign to increase awareness of this problem.
The concert was commissioned by the Kingdom of Morocco and took place on December 16, 2006 in the Moroccan desert near the city of Merzouga.
Jarre invited the best of Moroccan musicians and singers to join him on-stage with special musical arrangements of his work to include their talent.

"Jarre imagined giant-doors to stand in the dessert around the stage upon which he deployed lavish lights and images to accompany the main them of Water...quite surrealist in such a barren, but most enchanting environment".


Jean Michel Jarre
Francis Rimbert
Claude Samard

►Local musicians:

Abdellah El Miry
Ahmed Alaoui
Alizées Choir
B'net from Marrakesh
Casablanca Orchestra of Arabic Modern Music
Charaf and Dansers
Gnawa Maaster Hamid Elikasri and his Band
Hadji Younes
Morocco Philharmonic Orchestra
Saida Charaf

►Date and Place:
16. december 2006 - Merzouga, Morocco

►Estimated Audience:


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