Jean Michel Jarre - 2003 (Full album)


Geometry of Love is an album by Jean Michel Jarre, released in 2003. It is his twelfth studio album and his first release on Warner Music.

This album has more in common with the preceding Sessions 2000 album than releases prior, but the style here is still more electronica than jazz. The music was to be lounge music, played in the background or in the chill-out area of a club. The album was commissioned by Jean-Roch, as a soundtrack for his 'VIP Room' nightclub in France. The CD was initially meant to come out in only 2000 copies. However, it was later released as a generally available CD. It has now been discontinued and copies of it are not being pressed anymore, but it is still available in digital download format. The album was largely produced using Propellerhead's Reason[citation needed] and many preset patches can be heard throughout.

The track "Velvet Road" is a remake of the unreleased composition "Children of Space" created by Jarre for the "Rendez-Vous in Space" concert in Okinawa, in 2001. Some of the sounds in Geometry of Love were used earlier on Interior Music released in 2001. Several tracks from Geometry of Love were included on Jarre's 2006 compilation release Sublime Mix.

 Track listing

"Pleasure Principle" -- 6 :15
"Geometry of Love Part 1" -- 3 :51
"Soul Intrusion" -- 4 :45
"Electric Flesh" -- 6 :01
"Skin Paradox" -- 6 :17
"Velvet Road" -- 5 :54
"Near Djaina" -- 5 :01
"Geometry of Love Part 2" -- 4 :06

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