CISAC President Jean Michel Jarre Calls For “A Europe That Protects Creation”

12 March 2015

Jean Michel Jarre shares his concerns about Europe’s copyright agenda. 

French electronic music composer and CISAC President Jean Michel Jarre today called on European Union decision-makers to support a European project that will ensure the protection of creative works and guarantee a fair remuneration for all stakeholders in the creative industries, and in particular authors.

In a video address at the ‘Auteurs & Co’ conference organised in Paris by authors rights’ society SCAM (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia), CISAC’s President expressed his concerns about the European Commission and the European Parliament's outlined plans regarding copyright harmonisation and the creation of a Single Digital Market.

The event explored a wide range of issues facing Europe today, including the values that the new European Commission wants to herald in the aftermath of its election, the role of cultural and creative industries, new policies in the digital age, and the alledged "need" to modernize copyright/authors' rights to facilitate the consumption of creative works in a globalised economy.
“I invite all European decision-makers to fully measure the impact of any change in future legislations in the field of copyright. Let's not forget that the idea of authors' rights has its roots in Europe. It would be hard to believe that the continent that introduced this truly innovative and modern concept would also be its gravedigger,” Jarre said, adding that recent events were “very worrying”.
“Once again, creators have the feeling that they are going to be the victims of economic pragmatism and European dogmatism,” he said.
“Harmonisation, yes, but one that would pull the market upwards, not one to satisfy the short-term needs of internet giants, most of which are not European, and, when operating in Europe, have often questionable fiscal behaviours.”
Speaking at the Auteurs & Co event, French Minister for Culture and Communications Fleur Pellerin said that “Preserving the diversity of European creation is a fundamental stake in today's global economy”.
"We know that the diversity of European creation is its greatest asset," she told the audience.
"France is driven by a strong conviction that a single market does not mean a standardized culture. This is what is at stake with the French cultural exception. France is fighting on behalf of all European cultures. Asserting that culture is not a commodity like any other is recalling the foundation of the European project," she said.
On Wednesday, during the Council of Ministers, Fleur Pellerin presented the government's strategy and action plan to fight against piracy of creative works on the Internet.  In the European debate on the modernization of authors’ rights, the French Government is determined to seek efficient solutions to prevent and repress online piracy be defined, involving all economic players in the digital market.

Watch the full speech by Jean Michel Jarre (in French).

Source: cisac.org

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